Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why cvsrootswitch?

I was trying not to reinvent the wheel, so checked on internet if there is any tool which can provide me a command to switch the root of CVS folders from one server to another server.  This is quick in SVN and even TortoiseSVN supports that.

I tried TortoiseCVS first.  My problem was that my code was checked out through Eclipse and Eclipse maintains a custom protocol extssh for CVS over SSH.  TortoiseCVS refused to use this protocol and I learnt that now I have to search something else.

After analysing the Root file structure I found it pretty simple to change but the only issues was the Root files must be changed in all the subfolders recursively.  I was working on a Java project so obviously I wrote a program in Java to iterate recursively on the folder and change the Root files and my got my solution.

As this type of solution was not found on internet easily through search, I thought of publishing the solution on the internet so some other user may find it useful some day.  This way I started thinking about cvsrootswitch.  

Now I have added enough GUI to the project so any user can use it easily.

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