Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to shift CVS local folders to new server

Necessity is Mother of Invention, Indeed!

I was having a local sandbox checked out from CVS server.  There were two ways to use that server the internal LAN IP and external exposed IP.  While working from work place I checked out the files from the internal IP address.  

To work from home I needed to shift the CVS folders to point to the external IP address of the same server.  I started searching for tools to do the same.  in Subversion I had used a command to do this which is directly available in the software.  For CVS this type of command was not available.

My search lead me to many entries pointing towards ways to do this through shell scripts.  I was on Windows XP box and the perl scripts and all the working programs out there were not going to work for me.

This made me study the way CVS Root entries are created and to find a way to shift those entries to new server. Thus started cvsrootswitch project.

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Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

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